Our team of volunteer students from the University of Leeds deliver workshops at local schools and children’s groups. These last for approximately an hour and revolve around different stations at which we teach various topics relating to health education in fun and interactive ways. 


How the visits work:

•Our volunteers will set-up the workshop.

•After a short introduction by a member of our organising committee, the children will be divided into small groups.

•The groups then rotate around the different stations, spending 5-10 minutes at each.

•Some examples of the stations we offer are detailed below, however we try to adapt these to individual groups. For example, we might teach a CPR station at a cubs group to help them achieve their first-aid badges.

What we need from you:


•Large assembly hall

•Tables, mats and chairs

•To remind children to bring a teddy bear

The workshops last for just over an hour. We usually visit schools on a Friday afternoon, arriving at 1pm and starting the activities at 1.30pm, however we can be very flexible with this.

We can visit children’s groups on any weekday evenings.

Workshop Stations

We run a wide range of workshop stations from Healthy Eating to Surgery. All of our stations aim to promote healthcare and alleviate the fear of hospital envrionments. During a visit, we will normally run 6 stations and we can tailor the session to your preferences. Below you'll find a brief description of each of the stations.

Surgery and Anatomy

Our Surgery and Anatomy station teaches children about what is inside of our bodies.

We use our big teddy bear, named Worsley, who has teddy organs inside of him to show

children what is inside us! We also explain about what surgery is and why it is sometimes


Doctor's Consultation

Our team of volunteers will be scrubbed up and ready for the Teddy Bear Hospital Clinic! We'll show children what equipment is used by doctors and nurses and why we use them.

The Dentists

Who likes going to the denitists?  We'll teach children some of the basic things that happen when they visit the dentists. From showing them how their teeth are checked by dentists as well as going over the right techniques to brushing your teeth.

Healthy Eating

What types of food are good for you? We'll teach about having a balanced diet and making sure we're eating our 5-a-day.

First aid

We'll teach children basic first aid skills from applying a plaster to performing CPR. 


Why is it important that we wash our hands thoroughly? Our team of teddy doctors will explain why its important to wash our hand properly and demonstrate how our hands may not be clean despite appearance.


Teddy needs an X-ray! Our team of teddy doctors will explain why we use X-rays and what they tell us. We can put the teddy's inside our X-ray machine and show the children what the x-ray might look like.