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Our GIAG on 26th September was a success with lots of new members joining our fantastic society! Keep an eye out for the visit sign ups going live to get involved!



Teddy Bear Hospital is a fun project run by students, working with children between 4 and 8 years old. We aim to promote healthy living and alleviate concerns about hospitals and doctors through fun activities and play.


Our team of volunteer students from the University of Leeds run health education workshops at primary schools, beavers and brownies groups across West Yorkshire. The workshops last for approximately an hour and consist of around six volunteer-led teaching stations that children rotate around. These cover a variety of health-related topics in fun and interactive ways.


One of our most popular stations is surgery, where the children dress up in scrubs and pretend to be surgeons as we open up our big teddy bear and have a look at the organs inside. Other stations include healthy eating, X-ray, doctors consultation, dentistry and anatomy.




For Volunteers


We welcome students from all courses and all year groups who have a passion and interest in teaching children and making a real difference in the local community. You don't need any background knowledge either - we provide all the training and we'll help you out when you're on the visits.


For Schools

If you would like to book a visit or have any questions, please feel free to email us at tbh.leeds@gmail.com


For more information on Leeds University Union and its links to Teddy Bear Hospital, please visits our LUU webpage at:




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